Mastering Muscle Power

Course Benefits

  • Neuro-Dynamics’ Delivers A Complete Neurological Training Program To Super Charge Your Muscles
  • Proven By World Record Holders
  • Only Neurological Power Training Course Available Anywhere
  • Strengthen The Connection Between The Muscles And The Nerves That Control Them
  • Boost Muscular Efficiency
  • Learn About The Necessary Nutrition For Maximum Efficiency
  • Train Your Respiratory System To Integrate With The Demands Of The Muscular System
  • Increase Stamina
  • Slash Recovery Times

Increasing Power, Strength & Stamina Efficiently

How many hours a week do you dedicate to your fitness routine? How many hours would that total in a year, or your lifetime to date? Unless you learn how to address the neurological process behind the way you move, no amount of hours spent training will ever tap into your full potential.

Whether your goal is better aesthetics, mobility, general health, or overcoming injury-- by learning how to activate your neurology correctly, you will develop an entirely new relationship with your body and achieve goals that quite literally were not possible before.

Activating Your Neurology

  • Integrating Your Nervous System

    Integrating Your Nervous System

    Most people are aware that their fitness routine involves the muscular system. But simply training your muscles puts a limit on your power because various other bodily systems are involved in performance and achieving results.

    By stimulating the nervous system in a specific way, you can make the muscles work better. Neuro-Dynamics will teach you applicable protocols to integrate the muscular and nervous systems and the lymphatic and respiratory systems. By adding give or take 20 minutes to your workout, you will be able to access a degree of power like never before.

  • Boost Your Capacity

    On average, a person uses 40% of their capacity during a training session during their first set. Then on the subsequent sets, increasingly more muscle fibers are engaged, but as the original fibers become fatigued, they begin to produce harmful acids. So instead of training to failure and relying on muscle tear to produce size, you can activate the whole muscle using the Neuro-Dynamics protocols and get better results without lactic acid build-up or muscle tear.

    The difference between using physical exercises (like doing band walks before squats) to activate your muscles and using the Neuro-Dynamics protocols to activate your neurology is that you are not fatiguing your muscles ahead of time with Neuro-Dynamics.

    • The simple protocols will activate the neural pathways needed to use all your muscle’s power.
    • You can perform your exercises with full neurological power without aiming for muscular exhaustion or tearing.
    • You will create new neural pathways, and your body will simply know to use its full power without any need to perform the protocols
    • These neural pathways (the same ones that know how to ride a bicycle, even if you haven’t ridden one in years) stay with you for life.

    Boost Your Capacity

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  • Neural Pathways

    Neural Pathways

    The brain is highly efficient; it will only do what it must do and no more. To avoid spending unnecessary energy, it learns to produce habitual responses and relies on these automatic responses as much as possible. Why does this matter when it comes to your fitness? Well, the brain will only employ the bare minimum of muscle fibers needed to perform the exercises that you do.

    In Neuro-Dynamics, we teach you how to activate the neurology of your muscles, creating new more powerful habitual responses. By activating the nerves to your muscles and using more muscle fibers, you are effectively tapping into your full training potential.

  • Develop Your Innate Ability

    Simply put muscles do one thing, they pull. The more muscle fibers that are engaged, the more power you have. Neuro-Dynamics teaches you to engage more muscle fibers.

    Understanding what role the nervous system plays in controlling our muscles and then training these muscles (and the nervous system) to utilize their innate abilities is something that most people have never experienced.

    Luckily, you don’t have to be a neuroscientist to understand why it works, we will teach you the method, and you will be able to apply it to your training and witness the amazing results with your own eyes.

    Neuro-Dynamics will teach you how to develop and train the POWER in your muscles. Although your strength, stamina, and endurance will grow as a side effect, the protocols work purely due to increasing your innate power.

    Develop Your Innate Ability

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Neuro-Dynamics Training

  • A Multi-System Approach

    The Neuro-Dynamics course takes a multi-system approach to fitness training. Most people understand that the muscular system is involved in fitness, but their awareness stops at the muscles. Most people are also aware of the nervous system, but did you know that you can stimulate the nervous system to make the muscles work better?

    If you can integrate the nervous and muscle systems together, you are on your way to real power. The Neuro-Dynamics protocols also teach you to activate your circulation system to clean out the toxins and promote better blood flow and the removal of lactic acid. As a result, you will experience higher endurance, more energy, and quicker recovery times.

    The course also includes nutritional information, not only to support your muscles but also to support the overall health of your nervous system. Remember: a healthy nervous system is one of the keys to accessing muscular power.

    Your training will now integrate the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, and respiratory systems and provide you with wisdom on how to support your body nutritionally for optimal power.

  • The Nervous System

    Neuro-Dynamics is the only training program on the market that focuses on strengthening the nerve connection to the muscles and creating new neurology in the brain dedicated to the Neurodynamic processes.

    The Neuro-Dynamics course creates long-lasting results thanks to neuroplasticity. You will be creating a brand new set of nerves dedicated to maintaining strength in your muscles. Once a neural pathway is made, it (and the learned behavior) is yours forever. If you decide to get back into training 20 years later, those nerves will still be there, ready to be used.

    With Neuro-Dynamics and your new understanding of neuroplasticity and muscle memory, there are no limits to the power you can obtain.

  • The Respiratory System

    The Respiratory System is the highest priority system in our body. If you want to test that, try holding your breath for 10 minutes and see what happens. There are many misperceptions about breathing and exercising. We will clear them all up in the course.

    When you breathe correctly during training, your body does not produce the harmful acids that make it impossible to train efficiently and often lead to injury. We will teach you how to slash recovery times and make your body much more efficient by learning to breathe correctly. If you follow our respiratory training, not only will your fitness and stamina improve, but you will also improve overall health and longevity.

  • Nutrition

    Strengthening the nervous system, the muscular-skeletal system, and improving the body’s circulation requires proper nutritional support. Many people understand the value of nutrition when it comes to nurturing their muscular system, but the nutrition component of the Neuro-Dynamics course also highlights how to nourish your nervous system. You ensure you’re giving your body the building blocks it needs to perform, recover, and thrive by supporting the two.

    Follow our few simple nutritional tips, and watch your body transform.

Why Neuro-Dynamics?

Unlimited Power

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On average, a person uses 40% of their capacity during a training session during their first set. During the subsequent sets, increasingly more muscle fibers are engaged, but as the original fibers become fatigued, they begin to produce harmful acids. This lactic acid often puts a cap on your workout.

Unless you’re stopped by a lactic acid buildup, many people are taught to continue weight lifting until they start tearing the muscles. The theory is that when the muscles recover from these micro tears, they will be stronger. This is simply not how muscle neurology works.

When a tear is repaired, the muscle will start to appear bigger (hypertrophy), but they are not as strong as they could be, since the muscle is now full of scar tissue and metabolic acids that block the proper function of the muscle fibers. Tearing the muscle also requires more time to recover, and makes the muscles more prone to injury.

The techniques in Neuro-Dynamics do not damage the muscles. We teach the muscles to work with the area of challenge to get greater results, without ever causing tearing, or promoting lactic acid build-up.

Our techniques also train the nervous system to engage fluids control, which is needed for the fibers to stay more efficient earlier and longer. Training all the necessary systems (muscles, nerves, lymphatic, and respiratory) so that they effectively work together engages close to 100% of the muscle fibers. We also strengthen the neurological connection to the muscle so that each time you use the muscle, more fibers are engaged. This makes the muscles stronger and more efficient.

Learn From The Experts

Meeting Our Team

  • Marcus "Mr Bondi"

    Guinness World Record Holder, Fitness & Nutrition Icon

    Marcus’s website and YouTube channel have had over 30 million hits and he has had just competed at the World Street Workout Champs in Moscow, where he placed 1st and 17th in the Chin Up & Freestyle comps, respectively.

    He has appeared as a fitness, nutrition expert, and Guinness World Record Holder on morning shows in the U.S., Sydney, Tokyo, and Hawaii, as well as on Sunrise and Nine News in Australia.

    Marcus is sponsored by Aussie Bodies &SuperBands as an Official Brand Ambassador and appears in TVCs & hosts promotional videos for various lifestyle brands. He holds the current Official Guinness World Records for 5m Rope Climb and the 18kg Weighted Chin-ups; both records were held by Olympic gymnasts before they were smashed by Marcus.

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    Marcus "Mr Bondi"

    Online e-learning platform
  • Andrew Verity History

    My initial involvement that has led me to this point was experiencing what we call a “change of muscle response.” To explain, I was training for the Australian Judo Championships. I was 17 years old and extremely fit. Three hours of gym three or four times a week. Judo training three or four times a week. Then there were other sports I was involved in as well. In short, I was probably the fittest I have ever been.

    I was shocked when my father came back from a trip to Canada and tested one of my muscles, and I could not hold it in place. I thought I was strong, yet I could not hold my arm up as he easily pushed it down. I really doubted myself and how I could win the championship. Then he did something that amazed me completely! He rubbed a reflex and instantly, I could hold my arm against his pressure to push it down. And more than that, my arm felt like it was made of steel. It felt so effortlessly powerful that my shock was replaced with excitement. I had to find out about what my father had discovered.

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    Andrew Verity History

Neuro-Dynamics Course Content

These techniques are used by elite athletes and professionals but to maintain their edge, but they tend to keep it to themselves. Once you learn these techniques for yourself, you will never go back to old, slow training habits, which are inefficient and inevitably more damaging to your body. When you learn to train your nervous system to work with and support your muscles, you tap into the true potential of your body’s power.

Practice the training and build a brand-new set of neurological pathways exclusively to “run” this process. Once you’ve established that neural pathway, it’s yours for life.

Neuro-Dynamics – Neurological Training For Your Muscles


In appreciation of your commitment to our course, we want to give you an amazing bonus to help you along your way to great Neurological Power Strength and Stamina

Course Format

A completely unique experience combining multiple media formats, never before has this opportunity been available to the general public.

  • Neuro-Dynamics Online Training

    Online e-learning platform

    Neuro-Dynamics Online Training

    Neuro-Dynamics is a complete neurological training to increase your strength and stamina. We include all the Neuro-Dynamics theory videos you will need to learn how to train the muscular system to integrate with other bodily systems.
 You have a one-stop-shop to learn how to strengthen your muscles easily and efficiently. With your purchase, you will get instant access to all the course content, including demonstration videos, and images.

  • Practical Demonstrations

    We supply you with ‘How To’ videos for each exercise and technique, so you can see and practice the exercises correctly. Watch the practice videos and the technical explanations in the lectures to ensure you understand how to apply the techniques in your own training.

    The protocols are all performed in sets of 3, where you perform the exercise and then use the neurological reflexes to activate the neurology. Marcus demonstrates all the combinations for all the upper body, core, and lower body exercises.

    Practical Demonstrations

  • Image Library

    Image Library

    Every exercise has an image library for quick access to all the details to perform the exercises and processes. This is ideal for when you’re in a training session and just want a quick reminder on your phone.

  • Neuro-Dynamics Live - Expert Mentorship On Demand

    You will have access to our ‘ in-house’, live video platform to book live sessions with our keynote trainers and experts as well as brilliant guests. Our regular live video presentations cover all the Neuro-Dynamics Techniques as well as related topics. And if you miss a live lecture, they will all be recorded and made available online.

    Live Presentations Include:
    • Ongoing Information and Updates
    • Q & A Sessions
    • Guest Speakers
    • Related Lectures
    • Unlimited access to the live presentations for 6 months

    Neuro-Dynamics Live - Expert Mentorship On Demand

  • Add On modules

    Add On modules

    Choose your area of focus, starting with Core Dynamics, Upper Body Dynamics or Lower Body Dynamics. Each additional module is just an extension to the program and can be added to your training at any time.


How does this differ from a traditional training program?

Do I need any experience with exercises to start?

Will I need any special equipment?

How long until I see actual strength results?

How long do the protocols take?

Does the Neuro-Dynamics program replace my current training program?

How often should I perform the exercises?

How will I know if I’m doing the protocols correctly?

Can I do more than one module at the same time?

Can the exercises injure me in any way? Is anything in the program dangerous?

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