Fearless Rewiring the Neurological Pathways of Panic, PTSD, Anxiety, and Fear.

Course Benefits

  • Fearless Teaches Everything You Need To Reset Your Brain's Alarm Bells
  • Understand and Overcome Anxiety without Simply Suppressing It
  • Rewire the Pathways of PTSD
  • Don’t Just Manage Panic Attacks, Eradicate Them for Good
  • Learn to Fully Express Negative Emotions in a Healthy Way
  • Lifetime Access to Course Material

Understanding Fear

  • Fear Center of the Brain

    The amygdala is integral to the brain's fear response mechanism. A malfunctioning amygdala can continuously trigger internal alarms. This is often linked to the brain's sensitivity to CO2 levels. The amygdala houses receptors related to our breathing. If these receptors are compromised, minor changes in breathing patterns, especially during stress, can lead to anxiety and panic attacks.

    Learn how to reset this center through a breathing technique called Shen breathing.

  • The Fear Structure

    Fears reside within the brain in complex networks termed 'fear structures.' One must navigate this intricate structure to unearth the root or core fear to address a fear truly. Eliminating this core fear can dissolve the entire fear structure. For instance, while one might initially recognize a fear of flying, delving deeper might reveal an underlying fear, such as the dread of abandoning one’s children.

    Learn how to destroy your fears and the terror behind your fears with a simple neurological protocol.

  • Suppressed Emotions

    Individuals rarely cultivate the ability to fully express their emotions in a healthy way. Emotions are neither positive nor negative; they merely require appropriate expression for release. When bottled up within the body, these suppressed emotions can manifest as pain, erratic behaviors, or persistent imbalances in one's state of being.

    Learn how to diffuse your suppressed emotions using eye movement desensitization and reprogramming, a simple technique you can do for yourself.

Why Fearless?

  • Transform the Habitual Responses Governing Your Life

    Your habits are steered by the nervous system's programming. To effectively alter an undesirable habit, it's crucial to tackle it at its neurological root. Fears, in particular, evolve into ingrained responses — the type you wish to eliminate but struggle to. Decipher and dissolve these patterns using the diverse techniques provided in this course.

  • Achieve your goals

    By eliminating your fear-driven habits, you invite the capacity for intelligent choices that actually lead you to your goals.

  • Reclaim Your Energy

    Subconscious fears consume more energy than any other neural processes. Your brain consistently diverts significant energy towards safeguarding you from perceived threats, even those that aren't genuine. By mastering the techniques to dismantle these fear structures, you'll free up a substantial amount of energy, directing it toward achieving your goals.

  • Release Negative Emotions and Experience Positive Emotions

    Fears always suppress your positive experiences. You don’t get to feel joy when you’re afraid. Learn how to release negative emotional charge with a simple eye movement desensitization and reprogramming technique.

  • Make Intelligent Choices

    While addressing your fears won't eradicate all of life’s challenges, it paves the way for clearer understanding and informed decision-making. Fear acts as a barrier to your cognitive abilities. When engulfed in fear, your thinking is impaired as you shift into survival mode.

  • Regain Your Freedom

    By dismantling your fears, and in turn reclaiming your energy and clarity, you restore your freedom. Focus on a promising future rather than perpetually looking over your shoulder at imagined threats.

Fearless Course Content

Master Your Fears: Rediscover Freedom

Years of chronic stress have hypersensitized our brain's fear centers, leading to alarm responses and prompting the brain to seek external threats. Such malfunctions manifest as PTSD or panic attacks. True liberation begins with desensitizing these centers, revealing our deepest fears – the "terror behind the fear."

This course equips you to recalibrate your brain's fear mechanisms and reshape the neural pathways linked to panic, PTSD, and anxiety. Reclaim your life from past shadows.


In appreciation of your commitment to this course we want to give you some an amazing bonus to help you live a Fearless Life.

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Course Format

A completely unique experience combining multiple media formats, this opportunity has never been available to the general public.

  • Self-Checking Online Lecture Series

    Online e-learning platform

    Self-Checking Online Lecture Series

    The Self-Checking course includes the online lecture series covering the four units of information, which feature a lesson, subsequent Q&A and slide show. The fifth unit covers a growing list of practical topics. You will follow the progression of information to give you the base of knowledge you need to actually use Self-Checking in your daily life.

  • Practical Demonstrations

    Each Topic has ‘How To’ videos so you can see and practice. Watch the practice videos and the technical explanations in the lectures to help you build a deep understanding of how to use and apply the content.

    Practical Demonstrations

    Interactive entrepreneur community
  • Full Self-Checking Demonstrations

    Expert mentorship on demand

    Full Self-Checking Demonstrations

    You will have access to demonstrations of individuals who are learning to Self Check, guided by Robert Sher. These demos will help you gain a better understanding of Self-Checking in application. New Demonstrations are added regularly focusing on Self-Checking various different areas of life or major contexts.

  • Resources and Further Topics

    Access the Self-Checking resource library. You will find detailed explanations and demonstrations of all the key concepts discussed in the course as well as an expanding list of further topics. You will also have access to a wide range of lists to fast track your checking.

    Resources and Further Topics

    Expert mentorship on demand
  • Self-Checking Live - Expert Mentorship on Demand

    Expert mentorship on demand

    Self-Checking Live - Expert Mentorship on Demand

    Use our in house live platform to book live sessions to further your understanding of how to apply Self-Checking in various aspects of your life. And do not worry if you miss a live presentation, they will all be recorded and made available online.

    Live Presentations Include:
    • Ongoing Information and Updates
    • Q & A Sessions
    • Guest Speakers
    • Related Lectures
    • 6 months access to the live platform is included with our introductory offer.

  • Quick Reference Guide

    Perfect for when you need a quick reminder of some of the topics. Ideal for mobile devices.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Expert mentorship on demand

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