• Neurological Networks and the Integration of Systems

    In this interview Andrew discussed the origins and development of Neurological Networks. He covers a wide range of topics including Neuroplasticity, Neuro-Power and the integration of Systems.

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  • Neurological Networks, Neural Plasticity and Mental, Emotional & Physical Aspects of Healing

    In this conversation we talk about Robs health story, how Neurological Networks was born, the Adaptive Immunity course, Neuro-Training, creating new neural pathways, the "root cause" of our problems as a neurological story, symptoms as the body communicating, parasites, mold, 5G, the immune system, motivation, autoimmunity, the mental/ physical/ emotional dimensions of healing, fasting, exercise, adrenals... and more!

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  • Adaptive Immunity – Making yourself more resilient

    Today's episode is an interview with Andrew Verity, the creator of NeuroTraining kinesiology and the online Adaptive Immunity course. We explore how to boost your body's resilience, instead of trying to make the world you live in a "safe place". We touch on viruses, 5G, parasites, mold, and stress; what the immune system is, how to boost it, and much much more.

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  • Self-Checking

    In this episode we cover all things muscle checking, including learning how to self-test and a Q&A with my friend and teacher Robbie Sher.

    Hope to see you in class!

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  • Camille Interview

    Today we touch on various topics, including Liver flushes, true recuperation, fasting, weight loss, re-wiring your brain after the influence of porn, suppression, the bacterial, fungal, and viral infection triangle, Epstein-Barr, NeuroTraining VS Neurological Networks, the importance of not making health your identity and more. The three Neurological Network courses we mentioned in this chat are: Self Checking Adaptive Immunity Neurodynamics.

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  • Sally Podcast

    In this episode, I speak to Robert Sher about Neural plasticity the creation of Neurological Networks – a process which creates new pathways in the body to restore health. We talk about where the nervous system does not adapt correctly, this is where illness or symptoms begin. We discuss Dysfunctional breathing, Neural plasticity, Trauma, Viruses and the discovery of muscle checking over 20,000 years ago. We also get a basic introduction to the Fearless Course.

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  • Fearless Podcast

    In this episode I am joined by Robbie Sher from Neurological Networks to talk about all things fear. We explore what fear is and how to get rid of fear, anxiety, PTSD, and trauma from a neurological perspective. Rob shares the upcoming Fearless course and gives us tangible things to practice today to start rewiring our pathways in the name of freedom.

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