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Our Philosophy - What We Do

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    Our mission at Neurological Networks is to help you reclaim your inborn power.

    Innate within your genetic function is the capacity to be powerful. This power comes from an integration of energy and function. When we're functioning incorrectly, our energy gets used up supporting inappropriate habitual responses instead of supporting us to achieve greater things.

    The Neurological Network courses are designed to train, encourage, and ultimately reset your nervous system to function more as it’s genetically designed to, rather than by its misplaced habitual behaviors.

    We do this by challenging the existing neural pathways and checking the validity of these circuits in terms of desired outcome. If you want to have better health or be physically stronger but can’t, then your existing circuitry and subsequent behaviors are wrong for you and your goals.

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The Story Behind Neurological Networks

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    Neurological Networks is the brainchild of Andrew Verity and Robert Sher, a collaboration set out to empower people to cut straight to the solution when it comes to their challenges in life.

    Andrew’s career in the field of neurology began when he discovered applied kinesiology in his late teens. After using the simple, practical applications of the modality to win a National Judo title, Andrew realized the power that existed behind this study into the "Change of Muscle Response". He dedicated the next 50 years of his life towards the development and research of a modality that is now known as Neuro-Training.

    Neuro-Training is a tool that is used to retrain the nervous system to its original and optimal condition on all levels - emotional, physical and mental. It helps individuals overcome the patterning, habits and compensating mechanisms that they have developed through life due to relationships, traumas, health conditions, family dynamics, and other issues.

    Neuro-Training involves techniques that bridges the gap between various modalities including human sciences, applied kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine, physiotherapy, chiropractic and other modalities. The curriculum is taught as a diploma worldwide.

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About Us - Meet the Team

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    Robert Sher

    Robert Sher is the co-founder of Neurological Networks and is qualified as a physicist and Telecommunication Engineer from UNSW and attaining two Cisco CCIEs, in Routing & Switching and Security.

    Robert worked extensively with a Neuro-Training practitioner Geraldine Gallagher when he was diagnosed with a rare glycogen storage disease in his 20’s. After Geraldine and Andrew helped facilitate Rob’s recuperation of his illness, medical doctors backpedaled, suggesting that the initial diagnosis must have been wrong, for his recovery was “impossible”. The initial diagnosis, confirmed through a muscle biopsy, was not an error; their assumptions about health and healing, however, were. This see-it-to-believe experience has and continues to drive Rob to understand the human body and how we can heal.

    After recovering from his initial diagnosis, Rob continued to work with Geraldine to recuperate from other health problems. When removing his mercury fillings became the next priority, his functional dentist refused to remove the fillings until he fixed-up his breathing patterns.

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    In Loving Memory of Andrew Verity (1954-2022)

    We honor the memory of our dear friend and mentor, Andrew Verity, a pioneer in the field of Neuro-Training, whose wisdom and expertise continue to inspire us. As the Founder, Author, and Director of the College of Neuro-Training, and Co-Founder of Neurological Networks, Andrew's compassionate spirit and dedication to his work have left an indelible mark on countless lives across the globe.

    Andrew's passion for understanding neurological health began at an early age and continued throughout his life. His pursuit of knowledge and the practical application of neuroscience led him to work with a diverse range of clients, from high-net-worth individuals and royal families to everyday people looking to improve their lives.

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