Want To Know How To Protect Yourself From Infection?

Course Benefits

  • Strengthen Your Immune Response
  • Become Impervious To Infections
  • Take Control Of Your Wellbeing
  • Feel Safe And Secure In Your Health
  • Be A Picture Of Immune Health
  • Regain Your Motivation And Use It To Drive Your Resilience
  • Help Your Loved Ones Overcome Their Immune challenges

Immune Boost Training

  • Worried about Viruses? What to do if you catch One? Fearful of Consequences?

    These fears will disappear if you have the right solution. We will teach you how to train your Immune System’s responses, giving you back the direct control over how it can work for you. Its called investing in the real you.

  • Nervous System

    Using one of the most innovative and natural methods learn how to strengthen and train your Immune System. Follow the simple step by step, hands-on modules, that use your Nervous System to create new and powerful immune responses. By practicing these modules, a brand-new set of neurological pathways to run this process. Once that’s done,it's yours for life.

  • Exercise your Immune System

    Many people know they have an Immune System and still don’t realize it needs exercise to be efficient. Immune Boost is HOW you exercise, and transform your Immune System to become strong again, yes even against viral activity.

  • Immune System Bodyguard

    Follow this program to train your Immune System to become your natural best friend and bodyguard. And it’s as easy as riding a bike, once you know how, you never lose it. Ask questions in the live and we will show you how to extend its powers, as well, making it an integral part of your Nervous System activity for ever.

  • Brand New System – Brand New Technology

    This is new technology, and it’s at your fingertips. The combination of the Immune System, Nervous System and Protocol Challenges are the new way to power up your Health and Resilience.

  • Motivation

    We will show you how to connect your Immune System to your most Necessary Immune Value, motivation and use this to fuel your Immune System rebuild!

Why Immune Boost?

  • Ever Wonder how your Immune System Works Naturally?

    It requires a mixture of stimulants, such as, exposure to other people, and yes germs, getting our hands dirty as well as breathing in a mixture of fresh air and chemicals. All of this teaches our Immune System what is around us and therefore how to respond. This is how we are designed.

  • Societal Challenges

    Now we are told to cover our nose and mouth, stay inside and avoid other people and of course keep our hands completely germ free. Our natural immune response is weakened, and we are more susceptible to the challenges we were not expecting.

  • So, Why Immune Boost - Neurology

    But there is one resource few people have heard of, as a way of strengthening your immune responses – your Neurology!

    When so many of the normal avenues of monitoring our environment are taken away, we can and have to rely more on this amazing neurology we all have which can create new responses to the changes happening around us.

  • Immune Boost is the only Immune System course available that trains your neurology to build Strength, Resilience and Adaptibilty into your Immune System.

Immune Boost Course Content

These techniques are usually hidden in the clinics of those professionals who appear to be great practitioners. Now fully available to you and your loved ones, take back the influence over your own health. Yes, this is forever. Once you know these techniques you will never go back to being dependent on others for your wellbeing. Quite the opposite, being healthy is Normal, and what you learn here is how to continue improving beyond normal.

Build up your practice to be able to go through all the modules everyday. It builds a brand-new set of neurological pathways to 'run' this process. Once that's done, it's yours for life.

Course Format

A completely unique experience combining multiple media formats as well as our exclusive Protocol Challenge Cards. This opportunity has never been available to the general public.

  • Online Lecture Series

    Online e-learning platform

    Online Lecture Series

    This two-part webinar series covers the progressive use of neurological modules to strengthen your Immune System. Training the Nervous System directly as a physiological influence on how the energy can change how the nerves control responses. This becomes an enormously powerful hands-on process. Immune Boost gives you a step by step, easily reproducible process of stimulating the Immune System in one of the most powerful ways available to us. You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to make this work.

  • Practical Demonstrations

    Each Immune Boost module have ‘How To’ videos so you can see and practice doing the modules. Watch the practice videos and the technical explanations in the lectures and you cannot go wrong.

    Practical Demonstrations

    Interactive entrepreneur community
  • Immune Boost Manual

    Expert mentorship on demand

    Immune Boost Manual

    Access all the Immune Boost theory and practical modules using the easy to navigate online manual. Complete with full practical explanations as well as detailed images. This is the ideal supplement to the lectures and demonstrations. Perfect for quick access to all the Immune Boost material from mobile devices or when you just need a quick reminder.

  • Immune Boost Live Environment

    Use our in-house live Portal to book live sessions with our keynote speaker and immune system experts as well as brilliant guests. Our regular live video presentations cover adaptive immunity and related topics. And don’t worry if you miss a live lecture, they will all be recorded and made available online.

    Sessions Include:
    • Ongoing information and updates
    • Q & A sessions
    • Guest Speakers
    • Related Lectures
    • Available for 6 months with our introductory offer

    Immune Boost Live Environment

    Expert mentorship on demand
  • Challenge Habitual Responses

    Expert mentorship on demand

    Challenge Habitual Responses

    Break down the old, bad habits. This is an overall energetic protocol challenge to get the greatest results from the neurological training. The first bad habit to change is the Acute Nerve Response Activity. This simple to apply combination of Protocol Challenge Card with Neurological Training is a brand-new way of breaking down old limiting habitual responses. It is like building a completely new Immune Response System. We need the nerve responses to be ready and active to sense the needs of the Immune System. This enables the Nervous System to respond to the effect of the modules. This first protocol challenge increases the focus of the Immune System.

  • Quick Reference Guide

    Perfect for when you need a quick reminder of how to do the protocols – short summary of the process with pictures to highlight all the necessary information. Ideal for your mobile devices.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Expert mentorship on demand

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