Want To Know How To Turn Your Immune System Into a Raging Anti Infection Monster?

Course Benefits

  • ‘Adaptive Immunity’ Delivers A Complete Neurological Sequence To Super Charge The Immune System
  • Overcome New Threats Never Before Encountered
  • Unlock Suppressed And Dysfunctional Responses Of The Innate Immune System
  • A Brand-New Way Of Activating The Nervous System
  • Balance The Immune System In The Mental, Biochemical, Neurological And Energetic Contexts Developing Adaptive Immunity
  • Integrate The Immune System With The Other Super Systems Greatly Extending Its Influence
  • Plus Two Special Bonuses You Absolutely Must Have!

Adaptive Immunity Training

  • Integrated Immune Control

    A total integrated neurological training course that gives you the control of your innate response to the environment. That’s right, no viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites can ever knock you down while you have this, amazing phenomena, called Adaptive Immunity Training.

  • Neurology is a Solution

    Ever heard of the Nervous System being used as the solution to anything? Its extremely rare but here you have the opportunity to use your own Nervous System to train, strengthen and build massive resilience into your Immune System. Yes, you can take your vitamins etc, run and exercise, sauna if you are into that, but now you have an internal resource you never realized you had, until now!

  • The Easiest Health Solution on the Planet

    Step by Step protocols take you through the process of teaching the Immune System what it needs to know before it has to respond to an attack from outside. You will take your lazy ‘couch potato’ Immune System (we all have them), and whip it into an amazing warrior against any potential infection.

  • A Multi-Layered Training Experience

    This training will take you through the necessary elements of creating a completely resilient and Adaptive Immune System that takes advantage of the mental, neurological and energetic contexts needed. How does it feel to know you cannot fail at this one?

  • A Brand-New Approach in the Health Industry

    At last, the opportunity to experience something other people talk about! Why? This training delivers value that cannot be replaced by vitamins or remedies or a medicines. It activates your own 'internal ability' to overcome the challenges that makes you invincible. To have a powerful Immune System we need to speak its language!

  • An Exchange of Value Position for your Immune System

    Instead of the focus for a solution coming from the outside world, you are able to get the real solutions by picking the Adaptive Immunity course as the CEO of your Immune System.

Why Adaptive Immunity?

  • New Challenges

    Adaptive Immunity was developed out of a need to overcome the new awareness many people were thrown into without any warning. We needed to find a solution to the health, personal and societal challenges we were confronted with and quickly!

  • New Solutions

    Adaptive Immunity uses a brand-new methodology that has been researched and shown to be able to change how we function. And in a way that makes the Immune System more powerful and effective. We find the answers inside our neurology, firstly to see what it has installed already that could help us succeed and secondly, if it does not have what we need, we can simply establish new ways of operating.

  • No Limits

    There are no limits to how far we can train our Immune System. With the right approach and understanding of how the Immune System learns, we can continue to train it to suit our needs and challenges. The adaptive Immunity protocols give us the ability to extend our influence over ourselves internally and hence become less threatened by the external factors.

Adaptive Immunity Course Content

These techniques are usually hidden in the clinics of those professionals who appear to be great practitioners, now fully available to you and your loved ones. You can take back the influence over your own health, and Yes, this is forever. Once you know these techniques, you will never go back to being dependent on others for your wellbeing. Quite the opposite, being healthy is Normal, and what you learn here is how to continue improving beyond normal.

Practice the modules and build a brand-new set of neurological pathways to “run” this process. Once that’s done, it’s yours for life.


In appreciation of your commitment to this course we want to give you some amazing bonuses to help you along your way to great health and recuperation. These are easy to follow as they are similar in format to the other protocols, and you should add these to your on going practice to obtain the full benefit long term.

Check out the videos on how to do them and you’ll see how easy they are. It seems almost cheating to be able to do such simple exercises and get such amazing benefits at the same time.

Course Format

A completely unique experience combining multiple media formats as well as our exclusive Protocol Challenge Cards never before has this opportunity been available to the general public.

  • Adaptive Immunity Online Lecture Series

    Online e-learning platform

    Adaptive Immunity Online Lecture Series

    Adaptive Immunity is a complete neurological training for the Immune System. It includes the content of Immune Boost and takes you from the adaptability into directed resilience of the Immune System. This includes the advanced Immune System Theory videos. You will follow the progression of compounding training of the Immune System as one of the 'Super Systems'. The concept of Super Systems explains the overall references needed to understand what we are working with in this training and the procedures to train your Immune System to overcome any type of infection. You will become an 'Adaptive Anti-Infection Monster'. This powerful process is available to you right now and you don’t need to be a neuroscientist to make this work.

  • Practical Demonstrations

    Each module have ‘How To’ videos so you can see and practice doing the modules. Watch the practice videos and the technical explanations in the lectures and you can’t go wrong.

    Practical Demonstrations

    Interactive entrepreneur community
  • Immune Boost Manual

    Expert mentorship on demand

    Immune Boost Manual

    Access all the Immune Boost theory and practical modules using the easy to navigate online manual. Complete with full practical explanations as well as detailed images. This is the ideal supplement to the lectures and demonstrations. Perfect for quick access to all the Immune Boost material from mobile devices or when you just need a quick reminder.

  • Adaptive Immunity Live - Expert Mentorship on Demand

    Use our in house live platform to book live sessions with our keynote speaker and Immune System experts as well as brilliant guests. Our regular live video presentations cover both Immune Boost and Adaptive Immunity as well as related topics. And do not worry if you miss a live lecture, they will all be recorded and made available online.

    Live Presentations Include:
    • Ongoing Information and Updates
    • Q & A Sessions
    • Guest Speakers
    • Related Lectures
    • 6 months included with our introductory offer to both Adaptive Immunity and Live Presentations.

    Adaptive Immunity Live - Expert Mentorship on Demand

    Expert mentorship on demand
  • Adaptive Immunity Challenge Cards - Break Down the Old, Bad Habits

    Expert mentorship on demand

    Adaptive Immunity Challenge Cards - Break Down the Old, Bad Habits

    Use the Protocol Challenges to get the greatest results from the neurological protocols. This simple to apply process of Challenging the Neurological Protocols is a brand-new way of breaking down old limiting habitual responses. You will have access to the complete set of Adaptive Immunity Challenge Cards, giving you enormous scope of Neurological Influence and extending the efficiency of the whole process. It is like building a completely new Immune Response System.

  • Quick Reference Guide

    Perfect for when you need a quick reminder of how to do the protocols – short summary of the process with pictures to highlight all the necessary information. Ideal for your mobile devices.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Expert mentorship on demand

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