The Art Of Discovering Your Innate Self

Course Benefits

  • Self-Checking Teaches Everything You Need To Access Your Subconscious
  • Bypass Your Fears, Conditioning, And Beliefs To Get To The Truth
  • Communicate With Deeper Parts Of Yourself
  • Remove Suppressions That Are Destroying Your Health
  • Implement Better Neurological Options Which Create New Neural Pathways
  • Find Out How To Apply Self-Checking To Examine Anything In Your Life Including Supplements, Food Sensitivities, Exercise, Emotions, Fears, And More!
  • Lifetime Access To The Course

Self Muscle Checking

  • Demystify Your Subconscious

    This course covers all the foundational parts of Self-Checking so that you can properly understand and apply the principles of this skill in your daily life. If we want to demystify the subconscious, we need to learn to speak the body’s language. Self-checking is the art that will teach you to communicate with your body via the nervous system.

  • The Power Of Your Nervous System

    Have you ever heard of the Nervous System being used as the solution to anything? It's extremely rare but here you have the opportunity to use your own Nervous System to tap into your subconscious, and fast track the solutions to your problems. Yes, you can take your vitamins, exercise, and sauna, but how do you know what habits are actually helping you and what are part of the problem? Build the life you want to live, no more guessing!

  • Answers When You Need Them

    Self-Checking is a tool that you carry with you at all times. All you need is your physical body, so once you learn how to Self Check, you can investigate anything, anywhere, anytime. The most convenient cheat sheet on the planet.

  • The Self-Checking Experience

    This training will take you through the necessary elements of completing a Self-Checking session on yourself or others. You will learn how to perform a basic check, perform verbal and physical challenges, operate circuits, apply working factors, find and apply better neurological options, as well as finding the support you need.

  • A Brand-New Approach To Life

    This training delivers value that cannot be replaced by cookie cutter approaches to health. Learn to properly use your nervous system to get clarity on what is going on behind your fears, habits, and beliefs. Use Self-Checking to discover and overcome your unique life challenges.

  • Become Your Own Authority

    Instead of focusing on solutions coming from the outside world, you are able to get the real solutions from within, by learning how to communicate with your nervous system. Self-Checking will let you become the ultimate authority in your life.

Why Self-Checking?

  • Identifying The Underlying Cause

    People spend months and even years on the same issue, because they never get clear on the real underlying cause of their imbalance. Self-Checking enables you to tap into your subconscious by bypassing fears, habits and beliefs. By learning to bypass the conscious mind, you are given the insight you need to identify the underlying causes.

  • New Solutions

    Self-Checking provides you with a wide range of resources and tools to find solutions to the stresses in your life. Learn to create new neural pathways, as well as support these changes that allow you to overcome your life’s challenges.

  • No Limits

    There are no limits to how many applications Self-Checking has. With the right approach and understanding of how the Nervous System works, you can effectively use Self-Checking in any area of your life to optimize and achieve your goals.

Self-Checking Course Content

Self-Checking was developed out of a need to empower individuals, allowing them to tackle the challenges in their life. Use Self-Checking to explore the nature of your physical health, emotional wellbeing, nutrition and supplementation, exercise, finance, and a whole lot more.

Course Format

A completely unique experience combining multiple media formats, this opportunity has never been available to the general public.

  • Self-Checking Online Lecture Series

    Online e-learning platform

    Self-Checking Online Lecture Series

    The Self-Checking course includes the online lecture series covering the four units of information, which feature a lesson, subsequent Q&A and slide show. The fifth unit covers a growing list of practical topics. You will follow the progression of information to give you the base of knowledge you need to actually use Self-Checking in your daily life.

  • Practical Demonstrations

    Each Topic has ‘How To’ videos so you can see and practice. Watch the practice videos and the technical explanations in the lectures to help you build a deep understanding of how to use and apply the content.

    Practical Demonstrations

    Interactive entrepreneur community
  • Full Self-Checking Demonstrations

    Expert mentorship on demand

    Full Self-Checking Demonstrations

    You will have access to demonstrations of individuals who are learning to Self Check, guided by Robert Sher. These demos will help you gain a better understanding of Self-Checking in application. New Demonstrations are added regularly focusing on Self-Checking various different areas of life or major contexts.

  • Resources and Further Topics

    Access the Self-Checking resource library. You will find detailed explanations and demonstrations of all the key concepts discussed in the course as well as an expanding list of further topics. You will also have access to a wide range of lists to fast track your checking.

    Resources and Further Topics

    Expert mentorship on demand
  • Self-Checking Live - Expert Mentorship on Demand

    Expert mentorship on demand

    Self-Checking Live - Expert Mentorship on Demand

    Use our in house live platform to book live sessions to further your understanding of how to apply Self-Checking in various aspects of your life. And do not worry if you miss a live presentation, they will all be recorded and made available online.

    Live Presentations Include:
    • Ongoing Information and Updates
    • Q & A Sessions
    • Guest Speakers
    • Related Lectures
    • 6 months access to the live platform is included with our introductory offer.

  • Quick Reference Guide

    Perfect for when you need a quick reminder of some of the topics. Ideal for mobile devices.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Expert mentorship on demand

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